Leon Power backstage at A Sumner Brothers Christmas VII

The last week and a bit has been an incredible amount of fun. We were invited to play a really special night in Seattle at The Columbia City Theatre. The evening was put on by Greg Vandy (The Roadhouse on KEXP), Devon Leger (Hearth Music) and Levi Fuller (Ball of Wax) and was a tribute to the incredible Harry Smith and The Anthology of American Folk Music. We got to hear and hang out with the great Baby Gramps.

We then came straight home, got a few hours sleep and headed down to set up for our Sumner Brothers Christmas VII. We've got a ton of pictures from the drunk Santa booth and from the show, sit yourself down in your comfy chair with your rum and eggnog and have a look.

A very Merry Christmas to you all.

A Sumner Brothers Christmas VII - Drunk Santa Photobooth

A Sumner Brothers Christmas VII - Pics

All photos taken by the incredible Shannyn Higgins. You should probably check out her work. www.shannynhiggins.com

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